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10 Best Essential Oils for Christmas

Michelle Brass | 22 November

Christmas time isn’t just about the good food and drink, it’s about the great company, the atmosphere, the music and, of course, the aromas that really get you into the festive spirit!

Yet for many, the festive period can spell overwhelm, with a calendar full of people to see, places to go and food to eat. Essential oils are a handy and effective way to not only fill the house with the scents of Christmas but also alleviate feelings of fatigue or stress. Using some of our Christmas time essential oils we’ve listed below can have you feeling calm and grounded in no time so you can take on yet another holiday catch up.  

Read on for our favourite scents for the Christmas season, chosen for their aromatherapeutic benefits and feel-good cheer. 


Frankincense was so prized in biblical times that not only was it traded along the Silk Road, but it was one of the three gifts given by the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus.1 So, you can probably see how Frankincense came to be associated with Christmas time. 

Frankincense also has aromatherapeutic benefits that can bring you back down to earth over the silly season. Frankincense Essential Oil brings a sense of peace, relaxation, balance and wellbeing. It’s also helpful in supporting an overwhelmed digestive system (perfect for those second and third helpings of Christmas lunch!). 

Scent of Christmas Trio Zea Essentials

Sweet Orange

Oranges were traditionally left in Christmas stockings during a time when they were still considered a rare treat. In modern times, oranges may not be a rare treat, but we still love the clean, energising and uplifting scent of a freshly cut or squeezed orange. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil captures that aroma, making it the perfect addition to the essential oil diffuser or natural cleaning products you use before having guests over during the holiday season. 

For a natural disinfecting spray recipe that includes Sweet Orange Essential Oil, check out our blog post, How to Spring Clean Using Essential Oils. 


One of the other gifts brought by the Three Wise Men was Myrrh and in biblical times it was popular as an ingredient in medicine and perfume.2 While we don’t typically use myrrh for these purposes anymore, it’s still a wonderful essential oil to have on hand. 

Myrrh has an earthy, woody aroma and is derived from the sap of a thorny tree native to North Africa and South East Asia. 

Myrrh Essential Oil’s aromatherapeutic benefit includes helping to ground and support practices like meditation and yoga. It’s also a popular addition to essential oil blends for the holiday season. 


The cypress tree has a clean, pine-like, energising aroma that is said to help relieve nervous energy.3 It’s one to to add to your Christmas essential oil blend when meeting new people or if you need help unwinding after a long day of social activities. 

Our White Cypress Essential Oil is the Australian native version of Cypress. It’s calming and grounding, with an uplifting, energising and refreshing pine aroma. 

Christmas Friends

Douglas Fir 

Douglas Fir is another Christmas favourite thanks to it’s pine scent being reminiscent of Christmas trees. Douglas Fir Essential Oil will transport you from a hot, southern hemisphere Christmas to a winter wonderland. 

With slight hints of citrus, the stimulating, fresh and clean smelling aroma of Douglas Fir can help to clear the mind and fight fatigue. It also makes a great insect repellent to have on hand for those warm evening barbecues without unwanted pests. 

Cinnamon Bark

The smell of cinnamon is probably one of the first scents you associate with Christmas. The powdered spice is perfect in sweet baked goods like gingerbread or as part of a spicy marinade to add to the Christmas lunch. 

Adding Cinnamon Essential Oil to your party (essential oil) mix will liven up the room and the senses with its warming, energising properties. 


Black Spruce

Native to North America, Black Spruce is another tree of the pine family. The Black Spruce Essential Oil that comes from this tree possesses a crisp, forest-fresh scent. The benefits of the oil include a deep sense of relaxation and calm. 

If slowing down over the Christmas period has meant that your immune system has also slowed down, Black Spruce Essential Oil may also aid in fighting off sore throats and congestion.


If the smell of peppermint candy canes has you salivating but your dentist says no, you’ll enjoy adding a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil to your diffuser or spray instead. 

A weary body and mind after many celebratory long days and late nights can be re-energised by a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Headaches and nausea that threaten to spoil the fun can also be warded off with Peppermint, making it the essential essential oil to have on hand at home or while you’re out and about.

Scent of Christmas Trio


Nutmeg is another spice that elevates festive baked goods and brings up nostalgic feelings.  A little fresh-grated nutmeg on eggnog - Northern Hemisphere classic - is a sure fire way to set the holiday mood. 

Nutmeg Essential Oil enlivens the space with its spicy, woody aroma and is even proven to boost the mood.4

Clove Bud

Although Clove Bud may be better known for its powerful antiseptic and potential toothache-busting abilities, it’s also a warming spice used in Christmas recipes and baking blends. 

Clove Bud Essential Oil makes an excellent addition to your DIY disinfecting room spray or diffuser to cleanse the house before guests arrive. As an added bonus, Clove Bud Essential Oil may improve memory and concentration -  so you won’t be forgetting anyone’s name at your next Christmas party! 

Christmas Time Diffuser Blends

Below check out some of our favourite holiday season blends to diffuse throughout Christmas and beyond.

Christmas Time Diffuser Blends

The Joy of Christmas Essential Oils

So, while you’re putting out the festive decorations to get into the holiday spirit, consider adding in a few drops of your favourite Christmas-y essential oils to your diffuser, DIY room spray or cleaner.

Or why not shop our Scent Of Christmas Trio Gift Box featuring some of our most popular essential oils during the holiday season including Nirvana Lifestyle Blend, Frankincense Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil. 

Nirvana is particularly unique in that it boasts a blend of vibrant oils – Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Lime and Sweet Orange – to give it a spicy aroma that uplifts the senses, and inspires positivity.

Use the Scent of Christmas Trio to create a warm and inviting environment for your loved ones. From candy canes to Christmas trees to your favourite Christmas spices, these 100% pure essential oils are bound to transform the room into a joyful, soul-warming atmosphere!

Get into the spirit of joy, kindness and gratitude this festive season with Zea.

Christmas Decorations


With over 25 years of experience in the natural health industry, Michelle has dedicated her life to helping others embrace the therapeutic benefits of nature. Throughout her time as a health practitioner, she has used and recommended countless traditional and conventional treatments to her clients - as she believes an integrative approach to health and wellness is very important. Michelle is passionate about using and promoting essential oils and, in particular, Kunzea Oil, as she has seen them help thousands of people over the years. She knows that using essential oils in your daily life can help bring balance to the mind, body and soul. She is constantly trialling and testing new products with her loyal clients.

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