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In loving Memory of my Dearest Friend

Michelle Brass | 14 May

Now it may be just a coincidence but I really do not think so. I believe some things in life happen for a reason and this is one of those times. 

One of my dear friends, Frank Pedersen, tragically passed away a couple of years ago from cancer associated with long-term Crohn's disease. For those of you who don’t know, Crohn’s disease is a debilitating inflammatory bowel condition that causes inflammation of the intestinal tract. At the time of his sudden passing, my family and I had recently moved to the Gold Coast from Tasmania, and we were excited about the new Zea product range that we had just launched - the first product range in the world to contain the powerful analgesic benefits of Australian Kunzea Essential Oil.

Kunzea Oil has been scientifically proven as an anti-inflammatory and so I had been using it on my clients in Tasmania topically to help the pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory disorders. I did not however at this time recognise its potential for possibly helping internal inflammation.

With the passing of my beautiful friend I realised I had to help fund research into the possible use of this product so that in time hopefully with scientific and medical backing we can start considering it to help people avoid the suffering that my friend endured.

I know how amazing this product is for topical use as I have now been using and selling our Kunzea products for over 3 years. However, my intent now is to not only to market topical application further but also fund research into internal use. I have recently opened a fundraising account and from 1 July 2015 will be donating a percentage of all Zea Relief sales into this fund as a tribute to my friend and in the hope I can help others in years to come. I cannot bring back my friend but he has inspired me to make a move to help beat chronic inflammation.

Michelle Brass N.D

Frank Pedersen