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Self-Care Boosts: Five Ways You Can Support Your Mental Health

Guest Post | 27 November

By Brad Krause (Guest Post)

Self-care isn’t just a passing trend that appeals to a certain age group or demographic. Instead, self-care is a series of necessary steps to look after ourselves, and they aren’t just a luxury. So, with that in mind, it’s time you make yourself a priority.

Make Your Own Spa

We all deserve more relaxation and less anxiety in our lives; after all, chronic stress can lead to a host of problems, including chronic illness and depression. If you’re having a rough week, one way you can unwind is by giving your body a spa day. Indeed, our physical bodies are what feel the bulk of the effects of stress, so relaxing is beneficial. To get started, pick things you know you’ll enjoy, such as a steam facial, a homemade body scrub or hair mask, or a long bath, complete with a muscle soak to ease tension. Ideally, try something at least once a week, not only as a goal to look forward to but as a way to keep your body rested and healthy.

Manage Your Time

When our time is poorly managed, we may experience a wide array of issues, ranging from added stress at work to missed chances to socialise. Unfortunately, it's easy to become stretched too thin because we have difficulty saying “no” to people. Yet, this habit can lead us to exhaustion, anxiety, and a lack of boundaries with colleagues and friends. So, if you want to spend better quality time with your loved ones and get more done in your career, you may need to start saying “no” more often. This way, you don’t overextend yourself, leaving you with more energy and opportunities to focus on work and being with others.

Improve Your Gut

One way to ensure that we feel well and look after ourselves is to change how we eat. In fact, gut health is key to how we feel overall, and we can improve it by understanding the flora inside of us. Throughout our lives, our gut biome will change — and not always for the better. Unfortunately, the levels of good bacteria, like Akkermansia and Bifidobacterium, may decrease, which can cause a number of health problems, including inflammation. If that happens, you may need to adapt your diet slightly to improve your digestion. In particular, look to an addition or elimination diet, or use supplements, such as pre- and probiotics. These can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, and the health gains can build over time.

Up Your Comfort

Think of how you relax both in your living and sleeping quarters. How emotionally or physically comfortable are you? If the answer is “not very,” then it may be necessary to change things up a bit, especially if you’re not resting well at night. Fortunately, a little creativity can give your self-care a solid start, such as getting a weighted blanket to help you stay asleep. After all, 80 percent of those tested using one woke less and slept longer than those without. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you could instead focus on using colour in your home. Surprisingly, bright colours can stimulate the brain and keep us awake. While they might have their own benefits elsewhere, choosing a colour such as blue, or even a soft neutral colour, for your bedroom could give your nights a needed boost.

Start Dancing

Yes, if you’re struggling to look after yourself, you may want to try dancing. Not only is it a good workout that increases flexibility, but it also helps you maintain a healthy weight and fights off cardiovascular disease. What’s more, dancing is healthy for your brain, too. Incredibly, it can give your memory a lift, alleviate the symptoms of depression, and give you enough energy to transform your daily life. So, lift your spirits, put on your favourite playlist, and shake about. Don’t spend your life burning your candle at both ends. Instead, take a few minutes each day for yourself, and do what you can to improve your life. Whether that’s getting new bedding, learning to dance, having a spa day, or unwinding with a good book, every moment can be an opportunity to take care of your body, mind, and spirit.

About the Author - Brad Krause

After putting off his own self-care for some time, Brad Krause created Self Caring after realizing his calling to help others improve their overall well-being through self-care. His goal now is to help as many people by giving tips that are easy to implement.