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The Ultimate Zea Relief Product Application Guide

Kaylin Goh | 15 March

When it comes to pain relief products - we understand that it ultimately all comes down to effectiveness. However, a huge factor in maximising effectiveness is ensuring that you apply our products correctly. 

Therefore, we’ve created the ultimate Zea Relief product application guide below - which allows you to maximise the benefits of our formulations while minimising usage as much as possible. Consider this as your go-to, one-stop resource for getting the most out of your Zea Relief products!

We hope this helps you and we encourage you to bookmark this post for easy reference in the future.



We know that pain varies from different strengths. 

Sometimes it can be mild but at other times - it can be excruciating and you may find yourself needing to apply a bit more product.

The beauty of our products lies in their 100% natural, non-toxic, and non-irritating formulations. This means you can confidently adjust your application amount as needed, without concerns about limitations or long-term, harmful side effects.

With our easy-to-follow application guide, we hope you feel confident in incorporating Zea Relief products into your daily routine - knowing you're utilising them to their fullest potential. Whether it's the Kunzea Pain Relief Cream or our Concentrated Massage Oil, our natural formulations are here to support you on your journey to wellness.

Please note that the above guidelines are for general use. If you have specific concerns or questions about using our products, please contact our lovely Customer Service team at and they will be more than happy to assist you further with your enquiry.