Zea's Recycle Initiative

We’re committed to eco-friendly practices and are always working on improving our business to take better care of the planet.

Sustainability Practices

At Zea, we believe in protecting Mother Nature and the gifts she provides. Part of our mission is to be a leading sustainable company. This means cutting waste, sourcing environmentally-friendly ingredients and using recycled materials.

Each year we complete an audit to help identify opportunities to improve our product packaging and increase the recyclability of packaging - from your Zea products, to the boxes you receive them in and everything in between.

We ensure your Zea products get delivered within a 100% recyclable box and if printed, only opt for water-based inks. Similarly, we keep your products safe during transit with eco-friendly hex wrap and packing peanuts that can be disposed of in your green waste bin.

We're also constantly striving to ensure most of our promotional material and leaflets are made from 100% recycled material and are as environmentally friendly as possible, so you can feel good receiving your Zea goodies.

We aim to continually improve in this area and find innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can.

Zea's Zero Waste Program

We believe it is incredibly important that as a business we take responsibility for the lifecycle of our products.

That's why we're working with TerraCycle to create a Zero Waste Program where you can send back your empty Zea products to be recycled into raw materials that make things like playgrounds, shampoo bottles, garden beds and so much more!

TerraCycle is a world leader in diverting millions of pounds of valuable resources from landfills worldwide.

We are so excited to join their mission and can't wait to share more details on our new Zero Waste Program soon.